What is a Concept? 🤔

A Concept is a formal idea submitted by the creator for you to review. The Concept should provide you with an overview of what the creator plans to do and say in a specific content deliverable.

A Concept could include where the creator will be shooting, what props they will use, who will be in the content and what filters may be used. If it's a video, the Concept may include what the creator will be saying, how long the clip will be, added music, voiceovers, or text layovers.

Why are Concepts important? 🤌

Concepts will help you and the creator get on the same page about the idea for the content before the creator starts shooting. Concepts should lead to no or few revisions when you receive the submitted content. If you are unsatisfied with the creator's submitted content, you can always refer back to the Concept as a receipt for what was to be delivered.

Do I have to use Concepts? 👍

You do not have to use Concepts on every campaign. You can toggle Concepts ON/OFF in the Brief before contracting creators. If you turn Concepts ON within the campaign, all contracted deliverables will start with a Concept.

When you approve the Concept, the creator will then be able to upload and submit the content for approval.

We strongly recommend turning Concepts ON if you are contracting creators for video and TikTok content. Concepts are also a great idea if you have particular brand or compliance guidelines, or a specific style in mind.

When do I review a Concept? 🤝

After you have clicked "Contact Creators" in the Handraise, Creators will receive the official work request and should accept it within 48hrs. After a creator has accepted the work request, they can start working on their Concept. A Concept should take between 1-4 days to write and submit. When the creator submits a Concept, you will receive a notification to review and approve the Concept.

What if I don't like a Concept? 👎

If you do not like the ideas proposed in the Concept, you can leave feedback in the comments section. Creators will be notified that comments have been left on the Concept and take the appropriate actions to edit the Concept. Try to include lots of details in the campaign Brief so that the creator is set up for success when drafting a Concept.

If you have any questions about Concepts, please reach out to success@hashtagpaid.com and someone from the team will be happy to help you out. 😁

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