What is a Concept?

A Concept is a detailed write up of what you will be doing in the deliverable (photo, video, carousel, story). Once you have completed your Concept, you can then submit the Concept to the brand for review & approval.

A Concept could include where you will be shooting, what props you will use, who will be in the content and what filters may be used. If it's a video, the Concept may include what you will be saying, how long the clip will be, added music, voiceovers, or text layovers. Concepts are not required on every campaign, only when a brand chooses to add Concepts to the campaign. If a Concept is required, it will be flagged in the work request here:

Why is it important?

Concepts will help you and the brand get on the same page about the idea for the content before you start shooting. Concepts should lead to no or few revisions after submitting your uploaded content. If a brand has feedback about the Concept uploaded, they will share comments directly with you or the #paid team if the campaign is "Managed by #paid".

Do you have an example of a Concept?

Your Concept may include the following information (no need to go too in depth 😅).

If you have any questions about Concepts, please reach out to #paid in the chat bubble and someone from the team will be happy to help you out. 😁

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